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Our Model Portfolio

Inception-to-Date as of 11/29/02*

Model Portfolio Performance


GCM Portfolio

S&P 500

Month to date



Quarter to date



Year to date



1 Year



3 Years



5 Years



10 Years



Since Inception




Best Quarter 4Q 2001 5.73%
Worst Quarter 2Q 2002 -7.13%
Best Year N/A
Worst Year N/A
Annual Return 4.26%
Max. drawdown 15.39%
Reward/Risk Ratio 0.28
Standard deviation 3.64%

* Updated monthly. Charts and data processed with Captools software and proprietary spreadsheets. Performance net after management fees. Certain fixed expenses and taxes excluded. 1,3,5, 10 Years, and since inception returns are annual compounded. 1,3,5, and 10 Years figures are based on trailing periods. Standard deviation based on latest 12 month trailing period

Ed Seykota, a trader interviewed by Jack Schwager in his book "Market Wizards", once said: -Everybody gets what they want out of the markets- A difficult concept to accept, given the fact that over the long run, most investors and traders fail to make money; but, who said that everybody really want to make money! Some people are in the markets just for the thrill and excitement, others just love to gamble... What are your real motivations?

Investing and/or Trading is NOT about financial knowledge, intelligence, money management and system mastery (all those factors are needed of course). It is all about PSYCHOLOGY. Jack Schwager, in his book "Market Wizards", present several of the world's top traders, each with a different background and a unique approach, and yet all of them succeeded. Obviously, a particular technique or style is not that important.

Are Trading Systems the key to riches? Dr. Van K Tharp says that even if you have the best trading system, you could still lose money with it if it doesn't fit you (the reason is that, at some point, you will not follow it to the letter). According to Van K Tharp you could make money using almost any concept, provided that you follow some basic rules...

Disclaimer: The content of this site is not intended to serve as a basis for trading, investing or otherwise be taken as legal or financial advice. We strongly recommends to seek competent advisors before making decisions. Model portfolio shown for educational purposes only. Performance of model portfolios can't be duplicated exactly due to variations of intra-day prices, commissions, spreads, and other factors.


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